What makes you come alive?

passion come a live

What is your passion?

And what makes you come alive?
Which type are you?

“What if you could discover the work you’re here to do, then spend the rest of your life doing it?”
How to find your passion!
“We call this imprint your “Sparketype™.”

I’m an Advocate and Advisor, what are you?

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This is me when I did the test in January 2020.
Do share what you are.
My husband is Advisor and Sage- coach and teacher, a true NLP practitioner. Thus, you teach what you have learned.

Indeed, I have had a strong need to stand up for the little person since I can remember. In school, I was often chosen to speak – represent the class in talks, in my work, I had to represent my colleges when no one dared to speak up, the first time as a 20 years old, scary but fulfilling. To highlight struggles and unfairness has always been something close to my heart.



Your Primary Sparketype reveals the essential nature or “driver” of the work you’re here to do (whether it’s the work you get paid to do, or not). When you do the work of your Primary Sparketype, you come alive with purpose and, fully-expressed in a healthy way, deepen into meaning, flow, connection and joy.

In other words, as an Advocate, giving voice to an idea, person, living thing or community is your call. And, it is often on display when that something or someone struggles to be seen or heard on it’s own.

Hence, whether arguing for change, selling an idea or solution, serving as the voice of someone whose rights are being violated, advocating for a group whose needs are being unjustly ignored or advocating for those who simply are not in a position where they can easily stand for themselves, especially those who are in some way disenfranchised or disempowered, this is why you’re here.

So, you may, in fact, be a part of a community for which you advocate, making you not just “for,” them but also “one of” them.

Accordingly, your role as an advocate may also place you in the position of organizing and leading. You don’t necessarily mind this (Advocates and Warriors are common Primary and Shadow Sparketype pairings).

But, if you’re really being honest, your truest expression of your essential nature is less about organizing and leading and more about crafting and bringing forth a coherent voice and inciting action around it.

And, by the way, among those living things or beings, we’re not just talking about people, you may also be the voice and protector for those you can represent, but not so easily lead, like animals and natural environments.

Furthermore, Advocate Sparketypes not infrequently begin to show their imprint very early in life, often being labelled anything from “born salespeople” to “rebels” or even “troublemakers.”

In addition, you simply refuse to stand quiet in the face of any perceived idea, cause, group or injustice that needs to be seen, heard and championed, whether directed toward you or toward others.


Remember, your Primary Sparketype (above) represents the essential nature of the work you’re here to do. Your core driver of purpose, passion, expression and flow in work and life.

Likewise, your Shadow Sparketype, on the other hand, is also a big part of you. Some may feel its call nearly as strongly. Your Shadow Sparketype most often reveals the work that you may well enjoy and have developed a high level of skill around. BUT it is also largely taken up in service of doing the work of your Primary Sparketype better.

In other words, your Shadow Sparketype is The Advisor, which means you are driven by and find a deep sense of satisfaction when you play the role of the trusted advisor, mentor or coach.

But, for you, when you’re really being honest, that drive is almost always in service of doing the work of your Primary Sparketype at the higher possible level. It’s more of a means than an end.


It’s nothing unfair in a struggle to be fit and lean but it’s a struggle all the same. Let’s do this together.

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Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!

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What makes you come alive?
What makes you come alive? Which type are you?



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What makes you come alive?


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