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Your BEST Free Gift - 14 Day Kickstart Diet System
Your Free Gift - 14 Day Kickstart Diet System
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Your Free Gift - Focus Exercise
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The Best Blog Posts

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Join my Husband and I as we go head-to-head to compare my FREE 14-Day Plan with 'The 90-Day Plan' from Joe Wicks, 'The Body Coach'.

My Husband is doing my FREE 14-Day Plan and I am following the first 14 days of  ‘The 90-Day Plan’ from Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach’.

I’m working on my Blog Post where you will shortly find a summary of my comments, as a 50-something woman, on my Plan and his, with a number of Exercises. 

If you are interested in my Plans (which are in the final stages of work-in-progress mode!),  please feel free to contact me! 

My Husband And I, Before And After.

This is over a longer time than 14 days, but this is where we started and where we are now!

Before And After

Welcome before Beatrice 2003 fab and fit over 50
Welcome After Beatrice fab and fit over 50 - 2019
How Every Busy Mum Over 50 Can Lose Weight Fast
I was an overweight stay-at-home mother looking after our 2 children and our home. I hadn’t worked for 16 years and middle-age was fast creeping up on me. I was trying to be a good mother and housewife.

I really wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself again. I wanted to get fit so that I would no longer suffer from low self-esteem.”

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened and I realised that just thinking ‘I want to lose weight’ and feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t get me fitter nor ‘help’ me to get to WHO I want to be and feel.

I needed to commit and take massive action, and follow through consistently with a ‘road-map’ of what and how to do it … instead of just dreaming about it. The “I should lose weight” shifts to “‘I MUST lose weight … NOW”.

As a result, I went on to kick start my weight loss with the 14-Day Kick Start! 

I’ve also been able to stop feeling stuck & procrastinating and start focusing – I can stop feeling sorry for myself, I now know I have the tools to help myself to feel good and fit again.

Personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, pranic healer practitioner

Before And After

Welcome Charlie Before photo fab and fit over 50
Welcome Charlie After photo fab and fit over 50
Now I’m slimmer - I feel less lethargic and have more zing

Because I feel more active, I feel more alert and less ‘foggy’ in the head – I feel sharper.
Something clicked – I got up one morning and said to myself ‘enough is enough now’ – I’m 50 plus and if I don’t do anything about it now, I’ll be 65 before I know it and it’ll be too late.

NLP practitioner
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