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Are you ready to fit into your favourite dress and jeans again?

You are not too old and it's not too late to be you... at your best!

Are You Ready To Feel Good Again?


The 90 days challenge is forming new habits and demands exercising regularly. A 4 week body coach transformation starting with cycle 1, which covers a 90 day workout plan with body coach swap meal tools alongside the 90 day shredding plan. 

My Husband is doing “The 14-Day Kick Start Program” while I will be doing Joe’s.

Check Out How We Get On! 

Day 1, Monday 9th November 2020, at the start of the 2nd Lockdown in the UK. I’m sharing transformation pictures as well as the body coach meal plan example and the body coach workouts samples. You will have the full picture! At the end of each cycle, I will make a summary with a “the body coach review” of ‘The 90 day plan’ so far. With the mature women in mind. Is ‘the body coach over 50s’ working or not? Or could one tweak it to fit the over 50’s better?

Not the full recipe. If you want something similar –  all the recipes and workouts live with me – I will use over these 90 days – please be patient as I will compile an E-book at the end of each cycle. With All the Workouts and Meals.

Who is this for: 50’s Plus, Beginners and Plus Size

Who is this not for: You do not fit into any of these groups: 50’s Plus, Beginners and Plus Size and you are at your goal already. Congrats!


My Husband And I, Before And After

This is over a longer time than 14 days, but this is where we started and where we are now!

How Every Busy Mum Over 50 Can Lose Weight Fast!

I was an overweight stay-at-home mother looking after our 2 children and our home. I hadn’t worked for 16 years and middle-age was fast creeping up on me. I was trying to be a good mother and housewife. I really wanted to lose weight and feel good about myself again. I wanted to get fit so that I would no longer suffer from low self-esteem.” Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened and I...


Personal trainer, fitness instructor, nutrition coach, pranic healer practitioner

Now I’m slimmer - I feel less lethargic and have more zing!

Because I feel more active, I feel more alert and less 'foggy' in the head - I feel sharper. Something clicked - I got up one morning and said to myself 'enough is enough now' - I’m 50 plus and if I don’t do anything about it now, I’ll be 65 before I know it and it’ll be too late.


NLP Practitioner

Meet our latest 14-Day Kick-Start Program Success Story!

This is a fantastic programme, and does exactly what it says.

The weight just drops off , it is extremely easy to follow, no difficult ingredients.  It is a little bit brutal but so worthwhile when you step on those scales!  If you  want to lose a lot of weight quickly then it really works. I had put on 10lb during lockdown and just could not get out of the rut. It is brilliant. I lost it all and feel fantastic. A brilliant quick kick start to a long term programme or perfect pre holiday / party programme. Beatrice is very motivational and I highly recommend the 14 day kick start programme ! 


Founder at Manuka Direct

What Our Customers Say About The 14 Day Kick Start Program

Well, the 14-day kickstart program was the start of my new life! A loss of 6.5 kilos is absolutely wonderful to start with!


That's the best I've done! I lost 5.5 kg during that time, it suited me perfectly to know what I would eat every day.


The kickstart program has helped me a lot. The results were 3 cm at the waist, 3 cm around the hips and a drop of 5 kg on the scales. Your motivational emails have been so incredibly good and I wish I could get these even now!


I'm so happy, now things have started to happen both on the scales and the measuring tape. Minus 4 kg first week! It's going so well, I'm so happy I found the food diary. I’m not hungry for sweet things anymore, it's probably the best thing about this. My energy level is up as well!


It does what it says. I have lost 3,5 kilos in these two weeks. I would like to say that The 14 Day Kick Start Program has changed my whole life's view of food. Now I'm just keeping my fingers crossed that I can keep this going.


The kick start went really well. My husband and I lost 6 and 4 kg respectively in 14 days. Right now we are getting started again and we thought it was great food and recipes. We will stick to this diet, as much as possible, even if we do add in some more calories as we now are on the next phase in our weight journey!  We feel so much better.


Thank you for being there when I got a kick up the ‘butt’! I lost 4 kg during the kick start.


Your “golden nuggets” motivational emails have been so inspirational and I wish I could get these even now. Thank you for sending them out for a full month though!


What you get in our 14 Day Kick Start Program:


Fill out your start The "14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"!

"14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"

  • In order to set you up for success, fill out the "Start The 14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"!
  • This will help you get clear about your intentions and shift your mindset so you can flip the "reset" button and be on the road for a healthier, more vibrant life!
  • I just need some basic information to help design the plan that is perfect for you. (And don't worry, I'm the only one that sees this information).
  • “No Credit Card Required”

As you begin your body and mind transformation, keep the following passage from the German playwright Goethe in mind: "Until one is committed, there is hesitancy... The moment one definitely commits oneself, the Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred... Begin it now."

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I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, and Pranic Healer Practitioner. I include NLP practices in many of my technics.