Charlie Changed His Life Around


“The only struggle I had on the 14-day Kick Start Diet Plan was the time I did it on my own – on day 7 when you have nothing for lunch. It’s about time and place – I was posting a letter, felt a craving in the supermarket,  cracked and cheated and had a Mars Bar … if I’d been at home, I could have got through it by just drinking more water.”

My ‘Top Tip’ – Don’t put yourself in a situation that makes cheating possible. Make a note of when you get cravings and avoid tempting situations at those times – rejig your schedule to suit.


Previous Struggles

1. Lethargy.
2.  Everything was an effort.
3. Lack of energy.
4. Procrastination.
5. Lack of concentration.
6. Reduced cerebral sharpness .
7. Felt sluggish in the head.
8. Loss of mojo.
9. Self-respect suffered.
10. Stuck in a rut.
11. At a loss as how to get out of rut.

– Charlie, NLP Certified Practitioner

Now I’m slimmer – I feel less lethargic and have more zing!

Because I feel more active, I feel more alert and less foggy in the head – I feel sharper.

Something clicked – got up one morning & said to myself enough is enough now – I’m 50 and if I don’t do anything about it now, I’ll be 65 before I know it & it’ll be too late.

Charlie, NLP Certified Practitioner