Charlie Changed His Life Around

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“The only struggle I had on the 14-day Kick Start Diet Plan was the time I did it on my own – on day 7 when you have nothing for lunch. It’s about time and place – I was posting a letter, felt a craving in the supermarket,  cracked and cheated and had a Mars Bar … if I’d been at home, I could have got through it by just drinking more water.”

My ‘Top Tip’ – Don’t put yourself in a situation that makes cheating possible. Make a note of when you get cravings and avoid tempting situations at those times – rejig your schedule to suit.

Charles before the 14 day kick start program

Previous Struggles

1. Lethargy.
2.  Everything was an effort.
3. Lack of energy.
4. Procrastination.
5. Lack of concentration.
6. Reduced cerebral sharpness .
7. Felt sluggish in the head.
8. Loss of mojo.
9. Self-respect suffered.
10. Stuck in a rut.
11. At a loss as how to get out of rut.

– Charlie, NLP Certified Practitioner

Now I’m slimmer – I feel less lethargic and have more zing!

Because I feel more active, I feel more alert and less foggy in the head – I feel sharper.

Something clicked – got up one morning & said to myself enough is enough now – I’m 50 and if I don’t do anything about it now, I’ll be 65 before I know it & it’ll be too late.

Charlie, NLP Certified Practitioner