Are you curious about the benefits of Nordic Walking compared to walking?

Curious about the transformative power of Nordic Walking? Let's explore its benefits together. 🌿

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Stay On Track with The Essential Nordic Walk Checklist

Discover the Benefits of Nordic Walking Compared to Running

Welcome to the world of Nordic walking, a full-body exercise that’s gentle on the joints and suitable for all ages and fitness levels!

Are you curious about the benefits of Nordic Walking compared to running? Or maybe you’re looking for Nordic Walking training or coaching to improve your technique? 

As a certified Nordic Walking coach located near you, in the  Marlborough and Devizes area, I offer personalised coaching 1X1 and support to help you achieve your fitness goals through Nordic Walking lessons. 

Nordic Walking can be easily learned under the guidance of a Nordic Walking coach like myself.

Proper Technique Can Maximise the Benefits of Nordic Walking

While proper technique is not absolutely crucial, it can help you maximise the benefits of Nordic Walking by engaging more muscle groups, using more energy, and improving your overall fitness. 

Nordic Walking training and coaching can help you learn the proper Nordic Walking technique, along with the newest and most up-to-date stretches and moves to improve your mobility before and after Nordic Walking, including ATG stretches. ATG stands for “Adductors, glutes, and hip flexors,” which are muscle groups commonly used in Nordic Walking.

Experience the Many Benefits of Nordic Walking Compared to Walking or Running.

Nordic walking originated in Finland and has grown into a popular fitness routine worldwide. It burns more calories than regular walking, improves posture and balance, and works various muscle groups.

Nordic Walking offers many benefits, including a full-body workout, increased calorie burn, improved cardiovascular health, enhanced balance and stability, reduced stress and anxiety, increased bone density, and more.

Compared to running, Nordic Walking is a low-impact exercise that can be less stressful on your joints while still providing a great cardiovascular workout.

Nordic walking is more than just a walk in the park. We’ll delve into the world of high-intensity Nordic walking, explore how it can be combined with other fitness regimes.

Nordic Walking Training and Coaching for Improved Technique

If you have recently purchased Nordic Walking poles and are wondering if you can teach yourself Nordic Walking, working with a Nordic Walking coach can provide you with a clear understanding of Nordic Walking and its benefits, and give you the confidence to enjoy this low-impact exercise on your own. 


Perfecting your Nordic walking technique will help you reap the maximum benefits from this activity. We’ll focus on footwork, arm motion, and maintaining the right posture.

Heel-to-toe walking technique is the essence of Nordic walking. Let’s break down this method to ensure you get it right from the start.

Nordic walking is more than just walking with poles. It’s a synchronised motion that engages your upper body.

A good posture is crucial for Nordic walking. We’ll cover how to maintain proper alignment and engage your core for the best results.


Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking

Get Personalised Nordic Walking Coaching and Training Today

Building stamina takes time, but with consistency and proper techniques, you’ll be Nordic walking longer distances before you know it. We’re focusing on increasing your walking distance, controlling your breath, and mastering hill techniques. Hills can be challenging, but they’re also an excellent opportunity to intensify your workout. Learn strategies for uphill and downhill Nordic walking.

Don’t hesitate to contact me today for Nordic Walking coaching and training sessions. As a certified Nordic Walking coach and instructor, I can help you experience the many benefits of Nordic Walking and improve your overall fitness with personalised coaching and lessons.

Learn the Newest Stretches and Moves to Improve Your Mobility

Nordic walking can be a powerful tool for improving mobility and flexibility.

We’ll cover targeted stretches for Nordic walkers, tips for improving joint health, and ways to prevent common injuries. Discover specific stretches that complement Nordic walking, helping to improve your flexibility and performance.

Revamp Your Fitness Routine with Nordic Walking: Transform Ordinary Walks into Extraordinary Workouts!

Ready to transform your walks into a full-body workout? With Nordic Walking, you get the calorie-burning benefits of running, without the stress on your joints.

Plus, it’s an uplifting experience! Engaging in Nordic Walking not only enhances your physical fitness, but it also boosts your mood, reduces stress, and promotes a positive mindset. Start your journey towards a healthier body and a happier mind today!

As your dedicated Nordic Walking coach, I’m here to guide you every step of the way. We’ll master the techniques, increase your stamina, and conquer those challenging hills together.

Don’t wait another day to start your Nordic Walking journey. Contact me today for personalised coaching and training sessions. Together, we’ll discover just how rewarding Nordic Walking can be.

Get started now and put your best foot forward towards a healthier, fitter you.

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Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking

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Stay On Track with The Essential Nordic Walk Checklist


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Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking






It’s not like Talking,

It’s not like Walking,

It’s Nordic Walking

Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking
Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking
Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking

‘After six sessions or so, weight started to fall off (now 6.3kg in five months). Posture improved and walking in higher, faster and longer became the new norm. Keep walking.’

‘Nordic walking and depression. Peter suffered from depression, -anxiety and panic attacks so bad at times -that he couldn’t leave the house. He comments: ‘With the help of Nordic walking I now I really have a positive outlook on life. I now have mental and physical health and know how important the help and support of others is to a life of well-being.’ 

I’ll see you on the inside!

Xx Beatrice Rhodes G de V

Revitalise Your Fitness Over 50 with Nordic Walking
Nordic walking participant over 50 in action

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