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about Beatrice Rhodes G de V

I know what it’s like to gain 25 kg/ 55 pounds (twice).

And only see women in photos who are super fit, which makes you feel inferior and stressed over your body.

Gained 25 kg, feel happy again,

I know how it feels like to struggle to fit into that party dress. To struggle to wear your favorite jeans and feel good.

I know how it feels like when you wobble from head to toe, and non of your lovely clothes fits any more.

I know how it feels like to have had a c-section and to struggle with stubborn tummy fat for years after.

I created these plans to educate and help you. For you to get the knowledge you need to start, to go further and finally know HOW to keep the weight off for real and for ever. Everlasting weight-loss.


I also know what it looks like on the other side.

I know what it feels like to finally learn that there are variations of ‘normal’, and that the amount of weight you gained does NOT determine your self worth. And that you can be successful. It’s your choice now.

I know what it feels like to be at peace with your body, and to learn to accept and to be grateful and LOVE all off you, every bit of you!

I know how empowering it feels when it finally clicks and the weight just falls off. Without any struggles and hunger attacks.

Perfection is a myth and when you learn to show yourself gratitude with your imperfections — this will become your biggest strength.



My daughter was and still is my inspiration to how I fell into the fitness industry.

I studied and worked as a Fashion Designer for years before being a home mummy for 15 years.

Through a long series of events (that entire story,  I will share later one day) I eventually got certified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. With a Sport Scholar as a daughter, who is in the UK Lacrosse Pathway,  I thought she came from me so some off that sport genius is from ME. I also studied and still do – Energy Healing- Pranic Healing. Which tackles the mental wellness, that makes us all overeat and over consume one thing or another. The aim is to know; How to get a stress free mind so you can reach your true potential now! See clearly now and act there after. Not in blindness and out of old habits.

I recently started a program called Fab and Fit over 50 with people just like us in mind. I wanted a flagstone product where if someone like my mummy or my best friend came to me and said, “I want to lose weight, what do I do?”

I would give them this exact program. It includes exercise and nutrient database, motivation and wellness sections, weekly meal recommendations, FB group, and much more.

I want to offer you; one platform that is affordable to all- that covers all that you need to be YOU, and to stay empowered with faith, hope and joy.

Here you find modules that shows you how to lose 4-6 kg in 14 day plan. It’s a kick start!  I show you how I did it and how I felt through it all. How to stay on track after you lost that weight and how to continue! to 30 day plan and over to the 90 day plan. How to be you again! The person you are supposed to be!

I share other diets and fitness plans, so you can pick and mix what suits you best.

I share weight training and Hiit sessions- by me or by others.

So YOU can decide which one works best for you!

I’m excited for new programs I have coming out on the horizon: programs to follow after you lost the weight, programs to improve mental health, programs to help survive a life changing event, to start work again after many years at home… and so much moreThese programs can help women achieve a healthy successful empowering lifestyle.

Later on – I also share how to do social media- where to start and how to 100% empower you into the driving seat off your life!

We are all in this together and we are all mentors and students.

I am setting up all this so we can all be who we are meant to be, so we can take control of our lives, build our own future and have hope and faith and happiness, and in doing so change the world.

I do believe that physical health, emotional health, and financial health can be achieved for every single person who joins our community. I know… because I’ve been there. I believe in you. Let me show you how it is possible.

Welcome and Happy days!

And as always,

❤️🎈 Beatrice.


Ready to be the best you?

Professional Bodies

I’m a certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach, and Pranic Healer Practitioner.

Nordic Walking – I’m Certified from UK Nordic Walking. 

NLP Best Practices and CBT Mental Health Worksheets are used in many of my techniques for mental wellness and success.

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