Swedish Chocolate Gooey Brownie Cake - Healthy Version.

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DAY 19
🍪 Sugar Free Accountability Post 🍩🍮 Swedish ‘kladdkaka‘, fudgy brownies

I love the Swedish ‘kladdkaka‘, fudgy brownies, but it’s full of sugar, butter and plain flower, so no nutrition at all but super yummy and an old tradition in our home.

Therefore, below is my tweak on the recipe.

Albeit, I’m not there yet as one can make it ever more healthy- replacing the sugars and other ingredients with bananas, avocados, beans! dates etc.

In Short, I think this cake is a great yummy start!

And to end – What’s your best / favorite recipe that you have been able to tweak to make it a bit healthier?

And as always!

Beatrice ❤️🎈

Post below how you have done.

Recipe below 

Swedish Kladdkaka, fudgy brownies, with a bit less sugars and my twist on the old trusted favorite!
Swedish Kladdkaka- ingredients
Swedish Kladdkaka- wet ingredients
Swedish Sticky Chocolate Cake Swedish dream house

Swedish Kladdkaka, fudgy brownies, with a bit less sugars and my twist on the old trusted favorite!

Made 4/9-2019- other version will follow
Total time:1 hours
Makes: 15

1 tablespoon chia seeds
250g white flower
1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
Pinch of sea salt
60g cacao powder
160g caster sugar
160 g Light Brown soft sugar
10 g ground almond
100ml almond milk
5g cooked coffee
130g coconut oil, melted
5 ml Maple syrup
1 knife edge vanilla essence
For the tin- I sprinkle flax, sunflower, sesam seeds, goi berries to give the cake a texture on the outside of the cake. In Sweden we use breadcrumbs…


1. First thing first- Preheat the oven to 190ºC (fan 170ºC). Line a 25 x 18 x 4 cm baking tin- spray it with taste less oil- then sprinkle the mix of flax, sunflower, sesam seeds, goi berries- it’s like breadcrumb – all over the inside of the tin. You clapp it on the sides, move the tin around, and the oil that you just sprayed glue the stuff to the sides and the bottom- the original recipe asks for butter that is covering the whole tin, I use oil- any taste less one!

And then just make sure that the mixture covers the floor of the tin and the sides- this will give the cake a lovely texture and make sure it comes out super easily from the tin!

2. After that- place the chia seeds in a bowl with 4 tablespoons water, mix well then leave to one side for 10 minutes to thicken up.

3. Then- mix the dry ingredients 1st- Place the flour, bicarb, salt, cacao powder, ground almond and sugars into a large bowl and mix well to remove any lumps. 

4. Next, add wet ingredients- the almond milk, chia mixture, melted coconut oil, maple syrup, vanilla essence, coffee, and mix well for 5–6 minutes to ensure everything is well combined.

5. Thereafter- pour the mixture into the lined tin. Put it into the middle of the owen. Bake for 20–25 minutes, until cooked almost through but still a little fudgy in the middle. I tend to check it at 20 minutes as I want it gooey inside. Use a fork or thin stick to check if its gooey but so you can still cut it. 

6. Take it out and remove the baking tin. I use a knife to make sure ut leave the side, then take the sides of, putting it on a flat surface, then remove the bottom with a slider metal type of thing- that you can get in cake shops, and put the cake on a cooling wire rack with a clean kitchen towel on top.

Leave it to cool for 10 minutes, before cutting into brownies.

Summery! Enjoy a healthier version of an old love without guilt. Just remember all sugars are in the end sugars and even the healthy ones ‘should’ be a treat and not an everyday thing. 

Said with love! ❤️💖 

I cut them up in small pieces and freeze them. As they are great as a super tiny treat and from the box in the freezer I ‘know’ I won’t overindulge…

The aim is to make them taste like a ‘Swedish kladdkaka’. Super gooey inside but with crusty corners and light inside! 

If I have missed any details that you can see in my photos, as one can sometimes be home blind, please let me know!

Swedish Kladdkaka- mixing
Swedish Kladdkaka- cool down on rack
Swedish Kladdkaka- ready made cake

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