How to go from procrastinating TV-watching couch-potato to running 10km ... in 5 weeks!

From couch potato to running 10km in 5 weeks!

Go all in! Bring your best self

Couch potato to running 10km in 5 weeks!

Want to go from procrastinating TV watching couch potato in just some few weeks?

Ok just to be clear!

I have never ever run more than 5-6 km and as I’m doing the south run in October I thought it would be good to try to increase my runs! I biked the 10 km yesterday and that was a piece of cake 🍰!
So I thought this running thing would work just fun. It was however a tiny bit more than easy – I wasn’t tired as such but the legs just didn’t want to run any further.

My goal was to run it all even in snail 🐌 pace!
I wouldn’t stop rather slow down even further. I know that’s now how they’ do it on the apps but this is my take on how to get from TV munching procrastination to running 10 km within some months or weeks 😃👍❤️🚀🏃🏻‍♀️

I did run the whole 8 km ‘be it’ slow as 1/2 dead 💀 😃 Now I just need to add in some hill moves and Hiit sessions and I will be set to go!

I think I will add in some to fatigue weight training with lower weights- David Goggins does 200 reps! Who does 200 reps!
But he says that’s where his strength comes from and that’s how he builds up his glutes.
Ok I am not doing 200 reps of squats with weights times 3 sets but I could aim for more than my usual 8-12 reps!

With the end goal in my mind- I’m now seeing myself:

  • I’m a female David Goggins
  • I’m an Athlete,
  • I’m a Marathon Runner!

I can do this! Xx


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How to go from procrastinating TV-watching couch-potato to running 10km ... in 5 weeks!


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