How do you change Limiting Beliefs and Old Habits?

How to change Limiting beliefs and Old Habits.

How to change Limiting beliefs and old habits.

How to change Limiting beliefs and how to change Old Habits to new better ones!

Would you like to get into that successful feel of state?
Are you ready to get into that state of mind that you can do this?
Let’s face it many of us have awful self-talk and that’s what we want to change!
Change starts here now!

Finding your state!

As a result, always be intentional when you do things, focus on one thing at the time. Start being racer sharp and don’t jump from one thing to another. When you do that ONE thing – focus and be all in.
In other words, it’s like a domino effect- you do ‘that big thing’ and the rest will follow by itself!

So, let’s start:

To clarify, if someone says something or does something that would make you feel low and take you off the positive path you have set for today, don’t let them/ it dictated your day!
Therefore, you are in charge of your feelings and thoughts.
It might not feel like that yet- but stay with me!
Indeed, do you live in a hopeful and joyful state?
Or is it stressful?
Do you start by arguing with someone?
How is your day?
Does your morning start with joy?
Remember that how you start your day will colour the rest of your day.
So, make sure you are aware of how you feel and how you start your day. Always be your extraordinary best self- at least strive to be!
To clarify, start by creating your state and don’t let bad stuff create how you feel today!
Don’t let external stuff affect your decision on how you want and plane to feel, behave and react today.

In brief, remember-
We want to create new Habits

  • 1.Cue
  • 2.Routine
  • 3.Reward

Or you maybe want to call them-

  • 1.Event
  • 2.Response
  • 3.Outcome

In short, the thing is to:
Change the routine/ response and the reward/ outcome will change!

How to change Limiting beliefs and old habits.

What do I mean? Change the response and the outcome will change!

To demonstrate, someone says something ‘bad’- that triggers something inside of you- that’s a ‘Cue/ an Event’.
Consequently, then comes the Routine- or the Response to that situation/ event/ cue. Whatever word you want to give it.
Normally you would react as you always have- got sulky, sad, upset or angry. In other words, you reacted and you let this time the outside world dictate how you felt!
So the outcome/ the reward if you want to call it was the same- a NEGATIV- I can’t do this feeling.
Most importantly, we want to change this auto feeling and make you aware and in control of how you feel and react!
In your mind, head, heart and body.

In addition, I want you to change the middle step- the routine- the response- on HOW you REACT to situations that you can’t control.

Outside stuff that happens around you but STUFF that effect you in one way or another.

All things considered, If you change how you feel and perceive these situations you will get another outcome= reward! And a much better one – One that you have chosen out from your new beliefs that you can do this.

Let’s look at this again. Someone says something ‘bad’- that triggers a negative feeling inside of you- a Cue/ an Event has taken place.

First comes the Routine- or the Response to that situation/ event/ cue. Whatever word you want to give it. Your reaction – responds has been automatic- on autopilot since you can remember.
Likewise, we are looking at and changing your negative reaction into something positive now!
You will start by saying that’s ok- but this is not how I want to react to this situation any more. I might have reacted like that in the past, but I know better now and I can choose how I want to feel and react to this situation. I chose to see it like this- [ then you paint a positive picture of the situation where you are successful and in the end photo you FEEL good about yourself in this situation].

Similarly, if it’s you who dash out negative thoughts on yourself!

You have a bad day and you have bad self-talk- You acknowledge the past and decided that now you are no longer feeling like that or talking to yourself like that anymore as you are just awesome. You now know better.

Furthermore, it will all feel awkward and weird to start with but by starting you will teach your brain and body to follow suit and before you know it, it will get into the process as well.
It won’t happen overnight but by dripping in positive thoughts the whole time – over days, weeks and months you will slowly change how you see yourself and by so how you see the world and how the world sees you.
Above all, remember the brain doesn’t know what is real and not. You can smile and tell yourself you are super happy and slim and toned or whatever it is you want- this will send out happy hormones to your bloodstream and slowly your brain will start to believe this and work with you to achieve this goal.

You just need to start by believing it’s true now even if it’s not yet so!

How to change Limiting beliefs and Old Habits.​

So, the outcome/ the reward will now be different as you have changed the way you react to the cue/ situation/ the event/ whatever is your word for it.

You have started to shift your beliefs and outside forces are no longer in control of how you feel and what you say- what comes out off you.

The ‘autopilot’ that conrolled you are no longer in charge, but you react how you want and decide to react.

Even so, if you struggle with how you ‘should’ of would react- just ask yourself- how would your higher self/ or someone you strive to be/ or become- react.
And act accordingly.
Tweak your habits by slowly changing your beliefs about yourself.  That you can do this.
You use the insight from knowing that you have the power of how you chose to feel today.
Then add-in that you are present here and now- you are intentional with your actions- no more autopilot!
And you conclude with your state- that you have created what you want to feel and be today – your best you- your peak state.
Ultimately, always have faith and hope!

As always,




Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy start positive and set the day!

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How do you change Limiting Beliefs and Old Habits?


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