The 14 Day Kick Start Program

The 14 Day Kick Start Program

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Lose 4 – 8 kg in 14 days and keep it off. Get rid of those stubborn kilos with this fast, effective and safe plan.
The all new 14 Day Kick Start Program has 7 recipes and 8 workouts. This plan will give you all the tools you need to become healthier and stronger both in body and mind- than you’ve ever been! You are in control of your weight from now on.


The 14 Day Kick Start Program
  • 5 Live HIIT Cardio Workouts, New Metabolic Enhancing Workouts
  • 3 Live HIIT Cardio Workouts for Beginners, New Metabolic Enhancing Workouts
  • 7 Brand New Metabolic Enhancing Recipes
  • Macros And Micros Explained
  • HIIT, Tabata, and Interval Explained
  • Therapy Secrets Power Words and Power Statement
  • Guided Meditations For Stress Relief
  • 3 BONUS: Coach Fitness Exercise Library And so much more
  • Personal online support with me, Beatrice through our online chat
  • Community Accountability in the Private Facebook Group
  • Mobile Friendly
  • You deserve to fit into that dress!
  • You deserve to fit into those jeans!
  • You deserve to have enough energy to have fun with your family and friends.
  • But you need to take action Now!

Meet our latest 14-Day Kick-Start Program Success Story!

This is a fantastic programme, and does exactly what it says.

The weight just drops off , it is extremely easy to follow, no difficult ingredients.  It is a little bit brutal but so worthwhile when you step on those scales!  If you  want to lose a lot of weight quickly then it really works. I had put on 10lb during lockdown and just could not get out of the rut. It is brilliant. I lost it all and feel fantastic. A brilliant quick kick start to a long term programme or perfect pre holiday / party programme. Beatrice is very motivational and I highly recommend the 14 day kick start programme ! 


Founder at Manuka Direct

Fill out your start The "14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"!

"14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"

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  • This will help you get clear about your intentions and shift your mindset so you can flip the "reset" button and be on the road for a healthier, more vibrant life!
  • I just need some basic information to help design the plan that is perfect for you. (And don't worry, I'm the only one that sees this information).
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