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Lose 4 – 8 kg in 14 days and keep it off. Get rid of those stubborn kilos with this fast, effective and safe plan.
The all new 14 Day Kick Start Program has 7 recipes and 8 workouts. This plan will give you all the tools you need to become healthier and stronger both in body and mind- than you’ve ever been! You are in control of your weight from now on.


The 14 Day Kick Start Program

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Pay £17 – usually £37

Meet our latest 14-Day Kick-Start Program Success Story!

This is a fantastic programme, and does exactly what it says.

The weight just drops off , it is extremely easy to follow, no difficult ingredients.  It is a little bit brutal but so worthwhile when you step on those scales!  If you  want to lose a lot of weight quickly then it really works. I had put on 10lb during lockdown and just could not get out of the rut. It is brilliant. I lost it all and feel fantastic. A brilliant quick kick start to a long term programme or perfect pre holiday / party programme. Beatrice is very motivational and I highly recommend the 14 day kick start programme ! 


Founder at Manuka Direct


Why do you want to lose weight now?

Here Are Some Of The Benefits You Get.

Launch Offer

Pay £17 – usually £37

Here's What You Get:

✅ The Quick & Easy Meal Plan For The 14 Day Kick Start Program – PDF (£27.00 Value)

✅ Your Guide To Macros, Micros, Minerals And Portion Control – Planner (£17.00 Value)

✅ The Quick & Easy What Is: HIIT, Tabata, And Interval. Decoded – Calendar (£17.00 Value)

✅ Shopping List- 14 Day Kick Start Program Insiders Guide – Checklist (£7.00 Value)

✅ Quick & Easy Warm-Up-Stretches – Video Series (£17.00 Value)

✅ HIIT 7 Minutes Videos – 3 Live Workouts – Beginner Friendly – Mini Video Course (£27.00 Value)

✅ The HIIT 7 Minutes Videos – 5 Live Workouts – Intermediate / Beginner Insiders Guide. – Mini Video Course (£37.00 Value)

✅ Body Measurement Sheet Secrets – PDF (£7.00 Value)

✅ The Quick & Easy Photo Weight Loss Chart – PDF (£7.00 Value)

✅ Power Words Secrets – PDF (£7.00 Value)

✅ Power Statement Survival Guide – PDF (£17.00 Value)

✅ The Passion Cards Guide – PDF (£17.00 Value)

✅ The Guide to Quick & Easy Track And Check How You Feel Today – PDF (£17.00 Value)

✅ How To Question Your Thoughts Explained – PDF (£17.00 Value)

✅ The How-To Feel OK With ‘What Is’ – Gratitude Meditation Guide Audio File (£27.00 Value)

✅ The Private Facebook Group Secrets – Accountability Group (£7.00 Value)

TOTAL VALUE    £272.00

✅ BONUS: “The Best Guided Relaxing Organ Meditation For Beginners Decoded” -Audio File (£7.00 Value)

✅BONUS: “The Best Fitness Exercises Library” – 60 Exercise Secrets Every Person Needs To Know -PDF (£17.00 Value)

✅BONUS: The Photo Library & How To Do The 5 Workouts Properly – PDF (£17.00 Value)

Total value £313

Workout Plan (£272 Value) + Bonuses (£41 Value) = £313 

Well, the 14-day kickstart program was the start of my new life! A loss of 6.5 kilos is absolutely wonderful to start with!


That's the best I've done! I lost 5.5 kg during that time, it suited me perfectly to know what I would eat every day.


The kickstart program has helped me a lot. The results were 3 cm at the waist, 3 cm around the hips and a drop of 5 kg on the scales. Your motivational emails have been so incredibly good and I wish I could get these even now!


I'm so happy, now things have started to happen both on the scales and the measuring tape. Minus 4 kg first week! It's going so well, I'm so happy I found the food diary. I’m not hungry for sweet things anymore, it's probably the best thing about this. My energy level is up as well!


Much Love To You Wherever You’re In The World!

Beatrice ❤️

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"14 Day Kick Start Program Challenge Survey"

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Pay £17 – usually £37