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Which 5 affirmations did you choose?

Which 5 affirmations did you choose?

‼️ The New Challenge! ‼️

‼️‼️ 5 Affirmations over 5 days Challenge‼️

Which 5 affirmations did you choose? Which ones spoke to you?

I picked these 5 affirmations and I share WHY I choose 3 of them.

✅I’m PERSISTENCE – I was running on the treadmill on my Personal Training and Fitness Instructor Course in Bath & everyone was surprised that I was able to beat a 22-year-old girl. She was huffing & puffing & the Coach was encouraging her not to give up. The others were surprised that I was able to do it. I felt invigorated, alive & with a fire inside. I had a sense of utter satisfaction that I could do it. I absolutely ‘nailed’ it.

I’m CONSISTENT – The Car-Park website – doing it daily. I have tweaked & tested the ads & by doing it, I have learnt more about how to do it. I didn’t think I could do it, but slowly & surely I have prevailed. I have had help from others & everyone who has helped has played a role & contributed (e.g. Elementor Pro). I learn something new every day & thus get better & better – & hence the results are going up & up.

I have SECTOR KNOWLEDGE – I wrote about macro proteins on Sally Wilkinson’s Facebook page & there were loads of positive comments about it – interactions saying things like “that’s a really good post” – it made me feel really good because I was noticed/seen. I got a significant amount of satisfaction from being acknowledged as a subject matter in my field. I felt on top of the world – I could have sold ice to the Eskimos that day!



That’s my 5 – what’s yours?

Which 5 affirmations did you choose?

Some more affirmations that you can pick from-

‼️‼️ 5 Affirmations over 5 days Challenge‼️
😃I Am A Super ❤️women
😃I’m Strong
😃I’m Capable Of Doing This
😃I’m Super Focused
😃I’m Mentally Ready
😃I Have The Support
😃I Trust The Process
😃I Will Pick Myself Up
😃I’m Doing This Now
😃I Focus
😃I Make Mindful Meal Decision
😃I Plan My Meal
😃I Do The Home Gym X times- your choice/ Week
😃I Go To The Gym X times- your choice / Week
😃I Am Committed
😃I Feel Super Fit & Lean
😃I’m Great
😃I Feel Stunning
😃I Never Give Up
😃I’m Committed
😃I’m Persistent
😃I’m Consistent
😃I Know What To Do
😃I Have The Knowledge
😃I’m Ready To Take On This Opportunity To Change
😃I’m Focused
😃I Deserve And Want To Have The Life I Have Dreamt Off
😃I Feel Significant
😃I Share My Love And Kindness.
😃I’m Losing Weight
😃I’m So Thankful
😃I’m Super Grateful
😃I’m Living My Passion
😃I’m Drawing In Only Positive Situations And Feelings Into My Life.
😃I Am A Super ❤️women.
😃I Can Do This And I Will Do This.
Again! Repeat 5 POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS OF YOUR CHOICE- every morning and evening.
Share yous below!
And as always,
Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!


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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy start positive and set the day!

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