What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair


What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie after biking

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Yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie.

My favourite one is this one:
🔶Oat milk, unsweeten- 200 ml
🔶Banana- 1 raw
🔶Peanut butter- 5 ml- 1 tbs
🔶Walnut- 1
🔶Brazil nut- 1
All the ingredients go into my mixer and it’s amazingly yummy!
In total, it’s all 193 calories.
I’m on my 30 days’ challenge to get fitter and leaner than I have ever been, and consequently, I have come to realise that I now know enough! to be able to put together a diet plan just for me.

That’s works for me, by me.
It might work for you too?

I’m sick and tired off following other Personal Trainers and Fitness people’s ideas, on how to lose weight and get fit and lean, and lose weight and then put it all back again.

I’m a qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness instructor who genuinely struggle with my weight. But i know this!

Something has been missing in all these plans I have followed.

Been there and done that- SO many times.
So, I thought like this.

What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie?
What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie with bananas
What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie after a bike

What do I LOVE? really like eating that is healthy and sustainable so I can continue doing it for as long as I live.

Let’s just face up to who I’m.
I’m like food but not to cook forever. I want easy and healthy fast food.
This is not a diet but I have finally come to the conclusion that I just can’t stuff myself with the unhealthy foods I did eat.
If I do, I will be ‘fat’ forever, and as Einstein said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”
Time to change!

The food I love is simple, it needs to be clean, I like the protein and the salad and the vegetable apart.
A bit OCD! I know.

Furthermore, the food needs to be easy to make and take max 30 minutes. I only cook amazing elaborated meals if friends are coming for dinner and in a nice and big kitchen. 🤣😅❤️🤗
So, here goes, I will share here for 30 days what I eat and what type of exercises I do and maybe you like it?
And, later on, I will put it all onto my website so you can follow along from day 1 to day 30.

Meanwhile, today I did 10 km biking and later on today, I will do a short HIIT session.

I did one late afternoon in the bedroom. It took 30 minutes and was only body weight and cardio.

The idea is to be outside for at least 30 minutes each day, walking or biking.
After 3o days aiming to 45 minutes outside each day.
As I want to kick start this transformation, I’m skipping bread, pasta and rice for the first week, even after the workouts in my post workouts meal.
Normally I would add in carb to recharge my energy after a workout but now I will add the carbs into a smoothie instead as a snack.

I chose low carbs like nuts, oats milk and bananas. By the way, bananas have a natural defence against post-workout soreness and inflammation.

What is your favourite yummy, easy and healthy post-workout repair smoothie after a bike-ride

I know this limitation will cause me some struggle, and it could make me fail, but I’m aware off it.

Hence, if I have some carbs cravings I will make a smoothie or a juice. So, I will not ignore the cravings the first week, and I will evaluate the reduced carbs diet plan at the end of this first week.
As I thought I did struggle after lunch – I had chicken and loads of vegetables. But instead of reaching for a ball of yoghurt with fruits or nuts I sat down and worked on my Mac. Suddenly the sweet craving for some carbs and sugar was gone and I had a very full tummy sensation!

If you eat plenty of vegetables and protein and then feel its lacking something.

Just wait for a little until you feel full. You will. It will be a different fullness and much deeper. Not based on sugar and carbs but on building up your body and making it a lean machine!

❤️Joking aside! It’s true!

Pretraining week:
🔶Jog or bike for at least 30 minutes each day.
🔶A HIIT session each day, 30 minutes- for the first week.
I will then reassess and see how it went and maybe tweak it for week 2.
Keep checking in!
How are you doing-

And as always,


Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!

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