Head-to-head to compare my FREE 14-Day Plan with 'The 90-Day Plan' from Joe Wicks, 'The Body Coach'.

A quick fix or a change of habits.

The 90-Day Plan or the 14-day plan?

Charlie’s comments:

The 90-Day Plan or the 14-day plan?

Some time ago, I was asked whether I would ever contemplate doing a 90-day Meal & Exercise Plan as opposed to a 14-day Plan

Personally, with a busy schedule, I am at an age (56) where I would find it difficult to follow a Plan religiously for 90 days. I find the thought of a 90-day Plan daunting, but the same is not true for the 14-day Plan – as there is light at the end of the tunnel as it were.

If I stick to the 14-day Plan to the letter, I know I can lose around 5-6kgs (11-13lbs) – but I will admit to having a tendency to crack after about 10-11 days but still lose around 3-4kgs (7-9lbs) over the period which I’m still very happy with.

I’ve found that what works best for me is to do 10-11 days of the 14-day Plan & lose 4kgs (9lbs). 

I then go back to my normal sensible ‘maintainer’ routine for 3 weeks or so where, with the odd ‘cheat day’, I might put 1.5kgs (3lbs) back on – so the overall net effect is that over a 90 day period, I have a net loss of around 6-7kgs (13-15lbs).

I started my weight-loss journey 11 months ago weighing a hefty 133.7kgs (just over 21st) and I now weigh 110.4kgs (17st5lbs) – a net loss of 23.3kgs (3st9lbs). I am 1.83m (6ft) tall and my Goal is to lose another 15kgs (33lbs) so that I am down to my Army ‘fighting’ weight. I have achieved this through sensible eating, dieting and exercise (cycling 10km with the dog most days) and setting myself realistic mini-targets (I want to have lost X by the time of so-n-so’s party etc…)

So, if you are like me, the 14-day Plan is perfect!

Charlie Rhodes, Wiltshire., UK

weight loss with mind full balanced healthy eating

My comments:

I love the 14 day diet, as it works if you follow it.

But know this. If you struggle with food and deprive yourself for a while from the food you like the taste and smell of you can binge on these very foods once the diet is over.

A habit is created in 66 days and not over 14 days. You can kick start a diet in 14 days but the mind hasn’t caught up yet by then. It needs 66 days to create a subconscious habit that will last. That’s medically proven now.

I’m sharing different ways that’s are ‘out there’ on losing weight and at the end I will share what I believe in now.

Most Bodybuilders use a high protein diet and add in a cheat day, so that they can eat whatever they want that day.

If I would follow that diet, and lean up, my daily intake let’s say would be 1800 calories per day to lose weight. 1800 x 7 days 12,6000 calories per week. It’s good, I think, to count your calorie intake per week so that you can tweak it if you have a tuff day, regardless of what diet you follow. Having said that- don’t let one bad day set the thinking to a bad week, if that’s your weakness ignore that bad day and just start again! 

So, I can eat 12,6000 calories per week. I would ‘should’ then stick to 1800/ calories per day but if I want to add in a cheat day I need to reduce the intake on some days to get that big extra meal day in.

How many extra calories do I want on that day? My normal intake with workouts included, I don’t add on calories when I workout, is 1800/ day, so I might want 2500 calories on that cheat day.

If you want t to do this check what your food stuff is worth in calories and add it up. It’s that simple really.

1800 calories x 6 days = 10,800 calories + 2500 ( the 7th day) is 13,300 calories over one week. That’s is obviously over my allowed intake. 13,300- 12,600=700 calories extra that 7th day.

If you have added in more you need to adjust the week more. So how will my week look like then? with this extra 700 calories cheat day?


I can divide the 700/ 6 and I then get: 117. I would then reduce my daily six day intake  with 117 calories and instead of having 1800 I can eat 1,683 calories. 

1,683 x6 = 10,098 

10,098 + 2,502 ( 12,600- 10,098 ) = 12,600

This will give me more calories on one day and less on all the other days. On the cheat day I will have 2,502 calories



I can divide the 700/ 7 and I then get: 100. I would then reduce my daily intake with 100 calories and instead of having 1800 I can eat 1,700 and on the cheat day I will have 2,400 calories

1700 x 6= 10,200 

12,600 – 10,200= 2,400 calories.

You can tweak and change it so it works for you. Just keep to your weekly calorie intake.

But what if I would eat a balanced diet the whole time instead?

What if I would allow myself a little extra each day if I wanted? Not a lot but within my calorie amount, so that I will never feel deprived or feel that I miss out on my favorite foods? 

If I would stick to a balanced, healthy diet, that included some healthy treats, that might be new to me right now, but are still treats and delicious, would that be better in the long run? 

Is it all about your idea about gratification?

Do you want it now or can you wait a little? Do you want one marshmallow now or can you wait 15 minutes and have 2?

“The Marshmallow Test.” 

“A huge part of growing up is learning how to delay gratification, to sit patiently in the hope that our reward will be worth it.”

“Plotting the how, when, and why children develop this essential skill was the original goal of the famous “marshmallow test” study. Pioneered by psychologist Walter Mischel at Stanford in the 1970s, the marshmallow test presented a lab-controlled version of what parents tell young kids to do every day: sit and wait.

New research has also come to light and shows: “And what’s more frustrating than anything else is that another feature of human nature is that we get fooled by overemphasizing the quick and easy answers to the more complex ones.” 

It’s more to ‘it’ than what the “The Marshmallow Test.” first showed.  

“Growth mindset is the idea that if students believe their intelligence is malleable, they’ll be more likely to achieve greater success for themselves.” 

In any form, weight loss or at school or anywhere.

Oh yeah! The mind!

My Conclusion:

I think, that if you eat a balanced, healthy diet and stick to it over more than 66 days you create a habit, which then becomes ingrained in what you do and how you think, without thinking about it. Its part off you. You will struggle to start with. You need to know this and accept it and plan so you know what to do when you delrail and when you want to derail, which you will.

You need to have a road map so that you can anticipate the hard times and the bumps so that you know how to react and NOT react from auto pilot bit do it consciously, be mindful with what you do, eat and think.

You eat healthily and you exercise each day.

You have some treats but they are healthy and you do not long nor crave for sweets nor fatty carbs.

Just remember: Willpower is best in the morning so whatever you need to get done, do it first thing in the morning.

And!  Don’t break the chain. Get a calendar and put a tick on each day when you have done your exercise, ate well and maybe added in some relaxing meditation and had your water intake.

If that sounds overwhelming.

Start with one thing!

Do you struggle with food?

Yeah! I know that!

But HOW do I do that?

How do I change my eating habits and make my subconscious to work with me and don’t keep me in my now comfort zone?

That’s where NLP comes in!

I’m going to share different road maps, recipes if you like, and one off them will talk to you, make it click for you! and you will find the way for you! to get you on the right track for you! 

I’m doing the NLP practitioner course right now so keep checking in as I’m on a mission to sort myself out and I invite you to come along and enjoy the ride!

Let’s make 2020 the best year yet and let’s start our best decade ever!

And as always,


Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!

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Head-to-head to compare my FREE 14-Day Plan with 'The 90-Day Plan' from Joe Wicks, 'The Body Coach'.


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