TACKLING OBESITY in the UK and the Covid 19


TACKLING OBESITY in the UK and the Covid 19. 6 pm BBC News At Six

“Most people think we are fat so we are stupid and we don’t care about ourselves.

It’s not that!

I don’t want to be the one to die early due to obesity.”

“Covid 19 has really brought it home that people who have a weight issue are not doing as well”

Struggling with obesity and needing help?

1 in 5 kids in England even in primary school are obese.
The UK Government will now limit the advertising of food that are high in fat, sugar or salt before 9 pm.
JUNK FOODS are readily available and their decremental effect on our health! is clear for all to see.

Healthy outdoor exercises are recommended.
Walking and cycling on GP prescription!
Intervall training! HIIT outside!
Calorie counting on restaurant’s menus and on food packaging.

"This is a life-long lifestyle change.

If someone like us can succeed what have you got to lose?
Do it!
What have you got to lose?
We’re going to grow thinner and older together!”

We know that being overweight is increasing risk-off:
cancer, diabetes, heart problem, and put an enormous strain on the NHS.

But the risk from COVID 19 for overweight people has really focused the mind of the ministers and finally, the government is doing something about the alarming increase in obesity in the UK.

The way this is planned is to both tackle child obesity and to help adults to lose weight and to change their eating and fitness habits to healthier ones.

Will this work?

Well, together they are expected! to have an impact.
Junk food sponsorships at the Premier Lead and at the Olympics etc should be cancelled.

This is a large scale cultural change and that doesn’t shift overnight!
Much more awareness and support are needed.

Join me each weekday in July at 6,30 am UK time and let’s do an awesome full-body workout together!

Then let’s start a healthy eating program!

Loads Of Love To You Wherever You’re In The World!

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