Let's do some weight training - hummer curls.

Let’s do some weight training – hummer curls.

Slowly down, faster up- but still feel it and no swinging.
Use a weight that’s heavy enough so you can do 20 seconds on and then rest for 10 seconds and repeat for 4 minutes in total.
Do 2 sets.
That’s 8 minutes!

Let’s do some weight training – hummer curls!

Remember- I always warm-up and cool down before and after any exercises!
Read on below and you will understand why I go on about stretching as it’s so important when you have pain or have had an accident to get your body to work again.

‼️ Are you in pain and therefore you avoid exercising?‼️

I get that! ❤️
I have a painful shoulder and a wobbly hip and a bit more.
Its age and old accidents- car accident, banana skin, biking accidents, skiing accidents and so on…

Yes, I did slip on a day banana skin the day before my Fashion Exam in Paris many years ago. 🤸‍♂️I went to the hospital in the ambulance 🚑 and there the Parisien doctors 👨‍⚕️told me it was nothing and sent me home with some crutches and a Good Luck. I lived 5 flights up with no lift! 🏢
I had no other option than to get up and down and take my yearly exam. Youth has amazing resilience. 🐣👩

Back in Sweden, som weeks later I went to the hospital as I was still hobbling with crutches and got another Xray. I had broken the left ankle 🦵🏻 but it was now 1/2 healed back again and they didn’t want to break it up to fix it as it could cause more damage…

What’s the conclusion here? Well, back in the days- one should not have gone to a French hospital but to an American one in Paris- learned that the hard way.

Some years earlier- I was hit by a car in central Stockholm, Sweden, as I walked straight out on Sveavagen as the shop I was going to buy some fabric for a ball gown 💃🕺for a party some days later, was closed. I put on my walkman! – its that long time ago! and looked right and left and walked out- and I didn’t see not hear the car coming towards me.
I remember flying out- up in the air, and I also saw a green Volvo 🚛coming towards me. I realised that IF I didn’t change my direction mid-air I would be run over.
Thank god for self-defence training, that I had done for some months, and know how to fall and land. I had no idea that it would be that useful!
I was laying there in the rain in November in Stockholm,☔️ not fun! with cars switching 🚗🚘on each side off me until some people dragged me into a nearby hairdresser and called an ambulance and disappeared! 🤦‍♀️as one is not allowed to move someone if they might damage their back.
Anyway – I didn’t and I was happy not to be laying in the middle of a road where everybody drove like mad.

After that I did have some issues with my left hip and leg, but nothing that stopped me from exercising. 🚀👊💪

Why am I sharing this?

If I don’t exercise I become stiff like a pole and its much harder to handle my old accidents.

Exercise and especially weight training produces synovial fluid which is like a lubricator around your joints. 🥑🛢

So, exercise is not just great and paramount for your heart and for your mind and wellbeing but also for how you move and for your joints- how your muscles can move and work. ❤️

Share below how you cope and how you plan your exercise and get on with it even when you sometimes feel like the pain is a good excuse for not doing anything but sitting still. 🍫🍗📺
Let’s get moving! 🏃🏽‍♀️🏃🏻‍♂️

Below you have some ideas of moves you can do. I followed the Body Coach, Joe Wicks here.

5 rounds | 5 exercises | 30 seconds work | 10 seconds rest
  • 1. Sumo squat pulse
  • 2. Bridge position press
  • 3. Hammer curl to overhead press
  • 4. Lunges
  • 5. Mountain climbers
45 second rest between each round 45 second rest before HIIT finisher
— HIIT finisher:
4 rounds | 2 exercises | 20 seconds work | 10 seconds rest
  • 1. Climb the rope
  • 2. Squats
Rest for 45 seconds and repeat once more (8 rounds total)
You can do this workout with resistance or without.

How about if you add some resistance to your workout today? 

Check this short list out and pick your choice!

When and Why to use them

  • Dumbbells or simple household props like water bottles with water or sand, or even the old telephone books
  • Jump rope – Skipping rope- one of the best tools to lean up with- or without it,just imagine them!
  • Swiss ball – I happen to love them- even sit on them at my desk now and then- if you don’t have one don’t worry- you can substitute it, will show you soon.
  • Mini bands – they increase the strength training and you can use them in most moves. Great stuff.

Image sources: amazon.com

XMark Fitness, Premium Quality, Rubber Coated Hex Dumbbells are Built Tough, Built to Last - Sold in Pairs
Dumbbells use them to build strength and lean up! Sit on a Swiss ball, bench or stand up.
Survival and Cross Jump Rope
Jump rope, great for Cardio!
Trideer Exercise Ball
Swiss ball with weights and great for core work, Hammer curl
SKLZ Mini Bands – Resistance Loops for Exercise
Mini bands, use with: Sumo squat pulse, Bridge position press, Lunges,

And as always,

Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!


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Let's do some weight training - hummer curls


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