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Let me ask you a question!

How to lose weight without hurting the knees and being sore afterwards but still getting a sweat on!

Imagine how you would feel and what that would do with your life!  If you lost 10 kg or even 6 kg? or even 4 kg? 

Pretty cool, right?

Let’s me ask this question- how would that help you if I could help you to achieve this?

  •     Finally Make You start losing weight. Would It Be Worth It?
  •     Give you the Kick in the Butt to finally Get You Moving. Would It Be Worth It?  Yeah, I think so too!

Facebook Live - In Real Time With You!

Join me each weekday in July at 6,30 am UK time and let’s do this awesome full-body workout together!

Facebook live hiit workout with stretches and abs

Full-body Workout PLUS SIZE /50plus Beginner Workout/ Low Impact / No Equipment / No Jumping

There are 3 secrets to lose weight and be consistent with your workout and your weight loss:

Secret 1- I can’t do it! Limiting beliefs to what you can and can’t do! Everybody else can do this, lose weight, be fit and lean but I just can’t do it, because I’m too old, too fat, too this and to that. What’s your excuse? 

Secret 2- I have no support, no one will help me. Maybe your family and friends even sabotage your effort so that they don’t need to face the reality of their own unhealthy lifestyle? Or do you feel it all cost too much? Here the limiting beliefs are outside situations or circumstances. It’s either support you’re lacking or the circumstance that you’re finding yourself in that is negative – even the pandemic could be an excuse not to believe you can lose weight and get fit.

Secret 3- The vehicle- how can you know this really works? These exercises might not work at all and even if I do them each day and reduce my calorie intake they might just not work for me? Here the limiting belief is in the product, the vehicle itself. Even if it works for others why would it work for me? is the thought. 

Which one is stopping you from exercising and eating healthy to get fitter and leaner?

Eight Ground Rules to get the MOST out of your Weight Loss Program! 

  1. Trust The Process 
  2. The Details Matters
  3. Be Present
  4. Take Action 
  5. Stay Focused
  6. Sparkle Love 
  7. Be Yourself  
  8. Play All Out
  • Don’t want to hide under baggy clothes anymore
  • Have negative friends/ family & no support
  • Are tired of missing out on life experiences
  • Struggle with getting out of bed in the morning.

And I want to SAVE YOU allllll of that time I lost. 

When you join our private Facebook group, you have a POWERFUL circle of likeminded people built right into your journey! You commit to coming alongside others, bound together in strength, love, and community…

All working towards the same👏goal👏as you!

I know what it’s like to have NO support on your weight loss journey.

With friends and family straight-up SABOTAGING your progress.

Stopping you from reaching your goals.

Link HERE to our Private Facebook group

Can you imagine how you would feel like when you have lost all the weight?

How would it feel like to:

Are you running or playing with your kids or maybe even your grandchildren? Or just walking up the stairs or standing up from the chair without your heart beating like mad?

In a month from now or 3 months from now – what’s it’s going to be like? 

If I can show you that you can do it, and you have the support you need and that these exercises works would you do it then? 

If I can show you workouts: on how to lose weight without hurting the knees!

  • Would you join me?
  • Would you start and workout and get fitter and leaner? 

Come and join me for a week inside the Facebook live and see for yourself and let’s tackle whatever it is that is stopping you from being consistent and preserve with your weight-loss.

Just stop for a second and feel how you would look like when you reached your goal.

It’s achievable!

Whatever your goal is it’s achievable.

Let’s do this together!

Then let’s start your healthy eating program and shift these beliefs around to positive ones!

Loads Of Love To You Wherever You’re In The World!

Beatrice ❤️

Fab And Fit Over 50 – Health And Fitness With Beatrice

How to lose weight fast in 14 days with low carb diet and lean up in 7 minutes HIIT workouts plus get some mental rountines … 

Check out the 14 Day Kick Start Program on my website!

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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy.

Start positive and set the day!

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My dream is to offer the best information and services possible in the Four Pillars of Fitness, Nutrition, Wellness and Accountability.