Finally! Want to Live At Your Ideal Weight? 90 Day Plan helps you do it. ... now.

I’m following The Body Coach 90 day plan and it does work!

I started this Monday on 67.7 and I am now 67.1 kg.

Not bad for 4 days work.

I have added in some running and I am doing the HIIT sessions as well.

Later on, I will share more in details in my FREE  Private Facebook group,  what I do and how I feel about it all- almost one week done now.

Stay tuned in!

But until then:

How do you plan your workouts?

And how ‘well’ do you do/ follow the form? It’s like- do you try so hard so that you almost die and that’s it you never ever will do it again or do you adjust the move to fit you?

What I do is this:

I follow Joe Wicks moves and then just do what I can so I know I will finish it.

Some days I smash it other days I just do my best…

It’s funny- I run a lot, and when I feel super great- top of the world- my time is so much better.

If I’m a bit upset or so, my time is sluggish and I drag myself around my track.

The same with the HIIT, I try to pump myself up with positive self-talk before I start!

How are you getting on with the START?

I have noticed that I need to set a TIME, otherwise it just won’t happen. There is always something coming up and before I know it is 10 pm!  So I plan my exercises not so much my food and meals yet, but then Room wasn’t built in one day!

I am now off to do my morning run in the rain! Like, My grandma always said… Old farmer’s wife from Sweden:

‘There is no bad weather- just bad clothes… ‘

See you!


And as always,


Let’s not be average- lets chose to be extraordinary!





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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy start positive and set the day!

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How to Lose Weight with The Body Coach 90 day plan


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