A Beginner's Guide To The 90 Day Plan, The Body Coach, Joe Wicks.

Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners happy man and women training with dumbbell

A Beginner’s Guide To The 90 Day Plan

It’s natural to be hesitant if exercise is new to you, and if you feel unfit. 

If you become more active gradually, and you start gentle exercise the muscles and joints will become stronger and you will get fitter and leaner.

Stretches prepare your body, soften up the muscles and the joints, for whatever you are doing during the day. Cardio, gets the heart pumping and helps reduce all kinds of illnesses. Weight training will lean you up and lubricate your joints. 

Medical Journal says: “Short‐term HIIT  training increase aerobic and metabolic fitness in men with class II and III obesity” 

Exercise training is an effective strategy to improve insulin sensitivity and to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. High‐intensity interval training (HIIT) was reported to rapidly induce adaptations that are linked to improved aerobic fitness and health‐related outcomes in sedentary individuals and individuals with overweight/obesity. It was demonstrated that only 2  or 4 weeks of HIIT was a sufficient stimulus to increase the maximal oxygen uptake with women and men with overweight. 

Rondel King, MS, CSCS, an exercise physiologist at NYU Langone’s Sports Performance Center.
The Pros and Cons of Cardio For Fat Loss

“Rondel recommended high-intensity interval training (HIIT) because, “It gives you a hormonal response that’s conducive to muscle growth, and it’s more anabolic — where you’re developing tissue, muscles, collagen, cartilage, things of that nature,” he said. HIIT also “produces precursors to things like testosterone and growth hormone and things that will potentially help you increase your lean muscle mass.”

“Strength training is also imperative in order to lose body fat and build muscle. According to Rondel, your strength sessions should incorporate compound exercises because they require more energy to perform and burn more calories and fat.”

I’m doing 15 workout videos from ‘The 90 Day Plan’ with Joe Wicks – ‘The Body Coach’.

Here you will find modified moves to suit Beginners, Intermediate and Seniors and all you who would like to follow a fitness plan but believe you can’t.  I recommend you chose one move that you jump to, the rest move without jumping to save the knees if you are starting out exercising.

You might like the 90-day plan’, but The Body Coach’s moves and his energetic style makes you self-conscious and before you have even started you believe you can’t do it.  

Do you think that you can’t exercise because you are too unfit? too fat? too old, too this and too that to be able to follow any workout?  but you still keep on dreaming about doing it, one day, in the future?

Well, I’m here to ask you: How would you feel about starting to change that thought right now? And to change your life around when you are at home anyway?

Let’s stop dreaming and let’s take this time at home to do ‘The Body Coach’  90-day plan!

As soon as Cycle 1 is done I will share the videos here!

In the 90 day plan with ‘The Body Coach’, there are 5 exercises in each cycle. Each Cycle is 30 days / 4 weeks. 

Joe Wicks, ‘The Body Coach’,  recommends that you workout 4-5 times/ week.  Each workout is 25 minutes each. 

I will start with Cycle 1 and do all 5 exercises. You can then choose which video you like more and pick and mix out of the 5 exercises over Cycle 1. 

After one month- when Cycle 1 is done-  I will do Cycle 2 and then Cycle 3 until we have done the full 90 days. All 3 Cycles.

Each Cycle has different exercise sessions and goals. 

It’s not a quick fix, to get fit again and to reduce pain, but it wouldn’t take more than a week before you feel a difference in your body with less stiffness and with less pain.

You might experience some muscle soreness some hours after the workout, called DOOMS. As you have just done some exercise and used muscles that might have been dormant for a long time.

Exercise causes microscopic damage to the muscle fibres, resulting in muscle soreness or stiffness.

I invite you to have a longer stretch session after the workout if you would get muscle soreness, and The Best Remedy for DOOMS: Have a warm bath, put in some cheap table salt, a fist load, 250 gr, and some lavender oil ( 4-8 drops) and soak for a good 20 minutes. Put some music on and relax.

The warm bath with the salt and the lavender oil, has an amazing effect on the muscles!

Just remember:

  • To create weight loss, more energy must be expended than consumed. This can be accomplished by increasing caloric expenditure while reducing caloric intake.
  • Food restriction creates cortisol, feelings of stress, while exercise creates dopamine, happy feelings.
  • So while reducing your calories, you need the exercise to lift your spirit and mind. A mix of both is needed to obtain weight loss.
  • Protein is more effective in reducing % body fat versus carbohydrate
  • One needs to adjust the calorie intake over time as body mass decreases and metabolic adaptation occurs.
  • Low energy intake and minimal body fat are perceived as indicators of energy unavailability, resulting in a homeostatic endocrine response aimed at conserving energy and promoting energy intake.
  • “Refeeding” has become common in periods of extended dieting. A refeed consists of a brief overfeeding period in which caloric intake is raised slightly above maintenance levels and the increase in caloric intake is predominantly achieved by increasing carbohydrate consumption. The proposed goal of periodic refeeding is to temporarily increase circulating leptin and stimulate the metabolic rate.
  • To avoid rapid fat gain following the cessation of a diet, “reverse dieting” see above, can be recommended, which means gradually and with control increase your calorie intake. Ideally, such a process would eventually restore circulating hormones and metabolic rate to baseline levels while avoiding rapid fat gain.
  • Participation in a structured resistance training program, HIIT sessions and adequate protein intake, is imperative to a successful weight loss.

All the 15 Videos for Cycle 1, 2 and 3 are being made!

They will all SOON be Uploaded onto my YouTube channel and shared here!

Keep checking in!

Month 1

Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners happy man and women training with HIIT
Cycle 1 Workout 1
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners women
Cycle 1 Workout 2
Cycle 1 workout 2 the body coach 90 day plan- weight loss
Cycle 1 Workout 3
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners sweaty happy women and man
Cycle 1 Workout 4
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners all levels
Cycle 1 Workout 5

Month 2

14 day kick start program Workout For Weight Loss for Women Plus size beginners
Cycle 2 Workout 1
Full body workout for fab and fit over 50 plus size beginners
Cycle 2 Workout 2
14 day kick start program Workout For Weight Loss for Women Over 40
Cycle 2 Workout 3
How To Do The 90 Day Plan As A Beginner And Succeed! The Body Coach.
Cycle 2 Workout 4
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners sweaty happy women
Cycle 2 Workout 5

This is a Facebook post I did some days ago on “The Body Coach – Official 90 Day Plan Community Group”

Such a great topic and as 55+ 🤣😇🦸‍♀️ I can totally relate to the problem. I’m just sharing how I do it. Ok? I have started Joe’s 90 days- LOADS of times- and got to cycle 2, then died. Literally! My knees are hammered my ego is bruised and I just felt like such a fat lump that couldn’t keep up. So I then thought what CAN I DO? me as a 50 plus not that unfit but apparently not fit enough to keep up with Joe and this plan. I do agree that this is made by and for a 20 plus fit man who can jump like a rabbit and eat (is that an unfair comment? – if you have never been overweight how can anyone even with the knowledge or not – relate to the cravings and so on- and in the menopause they come like they want- no sense or logic in them at all!) one too- even if I do love most of his recipes!

So, What do I do? to lean up and how do I follow his HIIT etc and meal plan? I started with low impact- NO JUMPING and I checked out his moves- I do love them! they are easy and they ‘talk to me’ I like them. Then I added in stretches – instead of resting for 20-40 seconds between the HIIT moves- I did stretches- flexed that stiff body while it’s warm. So I did 20-30 seconds HIGH KNEES and then stretched for 40 seconds to 2 minutes or until my breathing came down and on I went. I did that with different moves- put them together and VOILA! the cardio and the health just went straight up. Well, it took a couple of months. I can now do his cycle 2- I still don’t jump as my knees don’t tolerate that but I do not die while following his moves and workouts.

The food, nutrition. If we want to do a kick start weight loss like British Doctor Michael Mosley suggests, it’s all good, but I think it’s super important to have a follow-on plan. A sustainable plan – a maintenance plan even after these 3 months cycle plan. We need one that we can follow after when it’s all done and the weight is where we want it to be. I am now eating healthy nutritious food and I’m not skipping any snacks or meals! I feeding my body so I have the energy to work hard and be active both mentally and physically. When you where 20-30 one could still function on rubbish – one could still work after 2 hours parting and no sleep. My brain goes into fog dim mood if I would even think of trying that now.

So I personally think that eating within once maintenance calories- you don’t lose weight and you don’t put weight on is for me the best to do right now.

You might then say?- but we don’t count calories here- fair enough. I’m not advising you to do that, I’m sharing what works for me and as a 50 plus women this does work for me.

I have ‘realised’ that eating healthy which is such a basic thing! is so important and getting the right nutrition when you’re over 50/40 is paramount for our brain function! At least for me. And I don’t think we are that different.

So, if I would give any advice at all, from what I’m doing now, would be to allow yourself to eat a good breakfast and lunch and dinner with 2 snacks that are healthy, well balanced and loads of greens. Did you know that Green greens are the best, lowest in calories and fullest in nutrition. I just learned that! Also, I’m a firm believer of having a food- banana or -what -early – not exercising on an empty tummy- before workouts and some ham or egg – protein after a workout. As simple as that. But that’s just me and my thoughts.

Over to you!

Month 3

Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners with dumbbell
Cycle 3 Workout 1
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners men
Cycle 3 Workout 2
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners sweaty happy women
Cycle 3 Workout 3
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners
Cycle 3 Workout 4
Joe Wicks The Body Coach for beginners
Cycle 3 Workout 5
Cycle 1 Workout 1 90 day body coach joe wicks

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