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How are you coping with your motivation?

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DAY 22 and 23

😄🍡 Sugar Free Accountability Post 😄🍬

How are you coping with your motivation?

To avoid all the sugars that we are aware of and the more hidens ones?

What strategies do you use to cope?

How do you cope with the symptoms of a sugar free Detox?

I thought I would dive into the symptoms so we all know what we can or have experienced and it’s OK!

It will all pass.

🙊🍪The Mental symptoms:

🍪Depression. Feeling low is a common sugar withdrawal symptom.

🍪Anxiety + nervousness, restlessness, and irritability= you are on edge!

🍪Changes in sleep patterns. You might wake up in the night time more often now?

🍪Concentration! -forgetfulness and it’s hard to focus on tasks.

🍪Cravings! all bad things pops up in your head and mind- sugar, bread, pasta, and potato chips.

stressed surprised women
tired surprised cat
sadness within - horse

🙈💥Physical symptoms


💥light-headedness and dizziness




So what can we do to beat the side effects?👍🏼😀

😀Quit cold turkey- yepp!

😀Eat more protein- my favorite one! as it fills you up! and are great snacks

😀Increase your dietary fiber- can help you stave off hunger.

😀Drink more water- the no brainer one!

😀Eat something bitter – slows the absorption of sugar and helps regulate blood sugar levels- did you know?!


😅Avoid artificial sweeteners

😅Manage your stress- we all know this one- morning meditation is great! breathing- count: 6/3/6- so you breath in for 6 seconds, hold for 3 seconds, breath out 6 counts and so on. Breath in 6 seconds, hold 3 seconds, breath out 6 seconds… It slows you down and the chitter chatter in your head weakens! Works still wonders on my daughter.

😅Exercise- we do that! Hiit is apparently the best! How about walking in tempo? fast for 20-40 seconds and then slower for 30-50 minutes- you set the pace!

😅Drink some greens- green juices- we Love that! spinach!

😅A good night’s sleep !

baby with perfect sleep

❤️So what’s the benefits from all this?

❤️A Good feel factor in both body and mind

❤️Lowered stress

❤️Higher energy levels

❤️Improved concentration and memory

❤️Live longer, lighter and with much more energy!

Accept that we all slip up.


And as always,


Post below how you are getting on!

dog with perfect sleep
man with perfect sleep
couple in love


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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy start positive and set the day!

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30 Day Sugar Free Challenge – Day 22 and 23


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