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DAY 20
😄 Sugar Free Accountability Post 😄

Can you believe it!
Its 20 days gone now and we have only 10 days left of the 30 day sugar-free challenge!

What would you like me to focus on these last few days?

  1. Some mind-fullness to trigger when we have sugar cravings
  2. Some in-depth info about sugars and where and what and all that
  3. Some strategies to help with mood swings when the cravings takes it grip

And as always!
Post below how you have done.

Because I feel more active, I feel more alert and less foggy
in the head - I feel sharper. Something clicked - got up one morning & said to myself enough is enough now - I’m 50 and if I don’t do anything about it now, I’ll be 65 before I know it & it’ll be too late
losing weight after 50 dad success stories Joe wicks The body coach 90 day workout plan with HIIT sessions
Charles Rhodes
NLP Practioner


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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy start positive and set the day!

how to start a good day
30 Day Sugar Free Challenge – Day 20


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