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How to stop eating at McDonalds

How to stop eating at McDonalds​

DAY 28
😄 Sugar Free Accountability Post 😄 How to stop eating at McDonalds  🍩 🍔

✅Yesterday was an interesting day, food wise.

💖So, We went and picked my daughter up from school and then headed to IFLY in Basingstoke.

Well in Basingstoke, we were starving-once again, before their session.

I suggested McDonalds- the Chicken wraps. The kids and husband got what they wanted and I waited for my wrap and a coffee…

In brief, I wanted: “McDonald’s -crispy or grilled chicken breast strips with a sweet chilli sauce, cool mayo, lettuce and cucumber in a soft, toasted tortilla wrap.”
The Sweet Chilli Chicken One
Grilled: 340kcal- I wanted
Crispy: 474kcal- I got- the 1st time around- then! 5 times the grilled with only sauce and chicken.

So, what did I get?

I got the deep fried crispy chicken- which I hate – lucky me as its full of fat. I asked and I thought I better show the guy what I want- just to make sure no language barrier caused a havoc here.

Therefore, I pointed on the screen and said that one! THE GRILLED ONE. NOT DEEP FRIED ONE. That’s all. Wait for it! 5 times! I got a chicken wrap with a grilled chicken piece and sauce. That’s it. No lettuce or anything else inside. I said at once- I want all the stuff- this has only sauce and chicken!


Still! What did they do 5 times- gave me a wrap with only sauce and chicken. I asked WHY?

-You said you wanted that- The customer= me- wanted a chicken wrap with only sauce and chicken.

Ultimately, After the 5th time 🐥🐥🐥🐥🐥and that comment I gave up!
I left without having had anything to eat…😂🐥😃🐥😄🐥💥🐥💥🐥


Use the machine if you have an accent when you buy food at McDonalds.

As always,


Beatrice ❤️🎈

What would you have done?

Taken a muffin and been done with it as they couldn’t really mess that up?

✅On the way home, we stopped in Costco. Anyone shops there?
Normally I put in loads of sweets, cakes – sugary stuff and on top of that the bill in massive 😳🙈🙊

✅Amazingly- only clean protein and nuts and healthier sugar like maple syrup! was in my trolly! OMG this is working! And I was still hungry! and angry!…

✅Then we went to IKEA- my homeland’s paradise for Sweet heaven here in the UK. I normally stock up- well it last for the car journey home- 1 hour! I bought NOTHING! in sweets. I just bought the knackebrod- the hard bread that we like, made of oats etc. Again OMG!


‼️ Conclusion: ‼️


This is working.

One can change the sugar addiction in less than 30 days!

💃🕺🏃🏽‍♀️How are you getting on?
😃Feel any changes and feel any better inside?
I’m chuffed!

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