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An uncontrollable binge eat of sugars!

Day 26
😄 Sugar Free Accountability Post 😄

😅☄️The unspoken scary thing has happened!
What do you do to get yourself back on track after an uncontrollable binge eat of sugars? 💥

❤️Is binging just a part of getting off a bad habit?

❤️Why do we do it? in the 1st place? binge eating?

❤️A crazy mind game with sugar addiction!


Some helpful actions:


😀Make sure you are full of a good protein and complex carbs.

😀Raw honey and 100% maple syrup are good sugar substitutes!

😀Sugar free high protein yogurt + 90% dark chocolate or higher + blueberry, raspberry, another fruit of choice, almonds. Is a great snack and treat! It will taste sweet but without any processed sugars. Yummy!


And as always,


Post below how you have done.

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