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Why should we begin with the End in Mind?

goals are just visions and dreams that have been put into action and become true

With the end goal in mind:

✅ Helping you aspire towards your goals. 

✅ Transform yourself.

✅ Work toward change. 

✅ While we hold each other accountable to make things better. 

✅ Inspire creativity. 

✅ Inspire you to find your purpose and mission in life. 

🥁 All these kinds of key functions that a community can serve. 🥁

My dream is to offer the best information and services possible in the Four Pillars of 

  • Fitness, 
  • Nutrition, 
  • Accountability and 
  • Mental Wellness.


  • to put on 25 kg/55 lbs (twice);
  • to only see super-fit women in photos  – making you feel bad about your body;
  • to struggle to fit into that party dress or favourite jeans and feel good;
  • when you wobble from head to toe like a Michelin Man and none of your lovely clothes, fit any more;
  • to have had a C-section and struggle with stubborn tummy fat for years after;
  • to look in the mirror and think unkind hurtful words about myself;
  • to go through a life-changing event… and come out of it wondering if you have much worth or value to offer anyone;
  • lose 25 kg/55 lbs & feel happy again; 
  • to be in these situations because I’ve been in EVERY…SINGLE…ONE.

I created these Plans to educate/help you/ us!  – for you to get the knowledge you need to start, to go further and know HOW to keep the weight OFF – PERMANENTLY.

I was where you are now.  Let me help you.  If I can do it, so can you!  You are not alone! 

To be you, the strong and empowered you, the joyful, healthy and happy you.



  • to finally learn that there are variations of ‘normal’, and that the amount of weight you gain does NOT determine your self-worth – and that you can be successful. It’s your choice now.
  • to be at peace with your body, and to learn to accept and to be grateful and love every last bit of you!
  • to feel empowered when it finally clicks and the weight just falls off – without any struggles and hunger pangs.

Perfection is a myth and when you learn to show yourself gratitude with your imperfections, this will become your biggest strength. 

When your mind has stopped it’s ‘chitter chatter’ and you have a chance to hear yourself think and calm your mind down – you will find that inner strength to know what is right and what is right for you to do! Now.

I know the freedom of understanding that there are no “good foods” or “bad foods”.

But just that there are some foods we ‘should’ eat more of, and some less of. 

If I want pizza on a ‘cheat’ day – So be it!  It’s a simple equation ‘Calories in/Calories out’

I know that when we give ourselves more love, forgiveness and gratitude, we can give more love to others. 

I know that taking care of oneself care is not selfish, it’s paramount, and when you spend just a little bit of time on yourself each day, you are able to give everyone else around you the very best of you…

What’s my WHY:

My Daughter was and still is my inspiration as to how I got into the fitness industry. I studied and worked as a Fashion Designer for years before being a stay-at-home Mum for 15 years. A chain of events led me to become a certified Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. With an elite athlete as a daughter (who is in the England Lacrosse Pathway), I thought she had clearly inherited her sporting talent from me…

Come and join me and let’s do this together!

Remember, if you slip up don’t beat yourself up. Just get back on track and keep going!

Xx Beatrice

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❤️I am a Boss Mum ❤️

⚖️I’m consistent

🖇I never ever give up.

🎧I don’t listen to the naysayers 

💪I work my muscles 

🏃🏽‍♀️I take action

👍I am enough

🐣I accept who I’m 

🗡I am lazer sharp 

🧧I know my worth 

🥰I share loving kindness

✋I am unstoppable and I feel it


How to change Limiting beliefs and old habits.
How to change Limiting beliefs and Old Habits.​


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My dream is to offer the best information and services possible in the Four Pillars of Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability and Mental Wellness.

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