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❗️❗️DAY 8‼️ ❗️❗️
⛔️ ‼️ Sugar Free Accountability Post ‼️ ⛔️

🐣How has your week been?
🐣What would you tweak to make the 2nd week better or easier?

😀Yesterday I went to watch my ❤️daughter’s match 🥍, and we missed lunch, they had cookies 🍪and coffee for the parents. I had one, and it was super sweet. It didn’t fill me up! But as I hadn’t planned my day I had nothing else with me to eat. And I was starving!

I have realised that I need to plan. ✅
👍🏼To plan my day – when and what to do!
👍🏼To plan my food intake
👍🏼To plan my exercise each day.

1st thing in the morning, I’m starting the day with 5 minutes planning.

Stay strong and focused! 💪🔬
Have the End Goal in mind. 🔭🔮

Post below how you have done Xx


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