30 Day Sugar Free Challenge - Day 1 Fab and Fit over 50 - Fitness Hints and Tips

How to be mindful off some foods while you're doing the Sugar Free Challenge without going mad about it.

Hidden sugars in fruits juices
30 Day Sugar Free Challenge
Accountability post! 🍩🍪
Some Foods to be mindful off while you’re doing the Sugar Free Challenge:
🔥Low-Fat-Yogurt- has hidden sugars to make it taste better- Greek yogurt is said to be better and full fat healthier- a super food for protein intake. Personally I love the thickness of full fat but I also get the low fat greek yogurt- pick what you like just check how much sugars are added. Note- No medical evidence (US medical health) says that low fat is better than full fat…
🔥BBQ sauces, Ketchup, Spaghetti sauces etc- have added extra sugars!
🔥Fruit juices – so much added sugars and we use them to make granola etc- the apple juices! fruits juices contribute to weight gain!
🔥Sports drinks- were 1st for elite athlete- we don’t need them- water is good! add some lemon slices
🔥Iced Tea, Flavoured Coffee, Chocolate milk, Vitamin water, Ready made smoothies. Both milk and chocolate are good for you but in ‘ready made ones’- check the sugar content!
🔥Protein bars, Breakfast cereals. Protein makes you full, but the bars are loaded with added sugars.
🔥Always read the labels and check the sugar content.
Roasted Nuts (put them in the owen on VERY low temp and let them be in for ca 40 min and there you have an easy treat) can be a healthy alternative, almonds helps with headache as well!
Post below how you have done today. Xx
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I just got an email from Dr Berg- about a new amazing energy-boosting potassium electrolyte powder!

What contains loads of potassium? BANANAS!

Yes bananas have loads of sugar but healthy ones so make a smoothie with them instead of eating the usual ice-cream. Xx


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