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How to avoid muscle soreness after exercise without reducing the training

Do you use Painkillers to treat muscle strain? Muscle Soreness.

The technical term for post-exercise soreness is DOMS, or delayed-onset muscle soreness. DOMS usually peaks 48 to 72 hours after a workout, as your body really goes to work on the process to repair muscle fibers that were torn during exercise. Muscle strains = Dooms!

In Britain we spend 83 millions pounds worth for our aching muscles.

What’s best? Heating effect or cooling effect? I love this as we all think we need to buy this stuff, pads, creams, spays etc. 

Check out below HOW effective they really are!

Freeze spray — soothes and relaxes muscles and joint aches while Pain relief Heat spray — effective warming relief muscular and rheumatic sprains and strains.

They both treat aching muscles

Hot or cold

What is best?

The trial was at the Beat the bog, a 5 miles obstacle race

The trail:

The people in the trial were put in 15 minutes cold or hot baths, University of Brighton did the test, by Dr Alan Richardson.

By the way, #TonyRobbins swears by cold baths.

The hot and cold baths are like a distraction at first — thereby lessened the pain.

After 3 days — the pain peaks.

Cold water reduces inflammation- less blood flow goes to the muscles and there for less stiffness and muscles soreness.

Hot water — increases the blood flow to the muscles — the opposite to the cold- and allows the byproduct that causes the pain that the muscles strain has created to be taken away — like a detox — they are removed from the body — perspired or excreted- sweating or going to the toilet — the blood is flushing the muscles free from these by products that the muscles strained caused.

Cold water might be slightly better in improvement by 1–2 % — for athletes this is super important- it makes a big difference- by for the rest of us- the average person — it doesn’t make that much of a difference.

So No ice baths! needed.

Soaking in HOT water will reduce the Dooms!

And it’s so nice, add in salt ( this is simple table salt) and some drops of lavender and you are set to have a super effect!

Soaking in HOT water will reduce the Dooms

Both hot and cold baths can change the temperature in our deep muscles and they can also help in the short term by distracting us from the pain. This is what helps deep down with the DOOMS.

The cold cooling cream that you apply should cool the muscles down — the feeling in the leg is that it feels super cold but the temperature stayed the same in the muscles in the trail.

The hot heating cream that you apply should heat the muscles up — is it heating the muscles? The leg feels hot but the temperature stayed the same.

The creams only change the top layer the outside layer that doesn’t effect the deep tissue muscles- and by so won’t relieve the deep tissue muscles pain

But the power of the distraction is very real and by so defers the pain away. It makes you feel it’s cold or hot but it’s not actually changing the deep tissue muscles and have no effect as such on the muscles pains.

So deep and penetrating — they are not!

The hot or cold bath gives a distraction as well as reducing the temperature in the muscles or flushed out the byproducts from the strained muscles, based on cold or hot baths.

The truth is if you want reduced pain after exercise a bath either hot or cold will be much more effective than hot or cold creams — it will be free and you ain’t smell like a chemist shop

how to cure indigestion fast

Do you suffer from indigestion? We spend 120 millions pounds to treat it!

The Cause — eating to fast the wrong thing gives us tightness in the chest area etc.

Indigestion- is when the acid we create while dealing with the food we have just eaten- isn’t properly dealt with by our stomach and escapes out and goes out through the food pipe to where it shouldn’t be/ go and it causes pain.

If we know what food that cause indigestion we could avoid to over indulging in that specific food.

Spicy food or acid food doesn’t cause acid reflux but very fat-calorie rich food does!

Spice is not relevant to indigestion and Acidic food has very little relevance to indigestion.

The reason why High calorie food packed with fat and sugar cause indigestion is that they stimulate your stomach to produce more acid. This includes alcohol too, by the way.

So it’s best to avoided …

How effective is the medicine for overindulging in high calorie food with high fat and sugar content?

Chalk tablets helps by reducing the high acidity in your stomach.

How does the pills for acid reflux — heartburn- work?

The components in these tablets creates a performing barrier between the acid in your stomach and your food pipe- it shuts it so the acid can’t leak out — up- and cause heartburn. The ingredients blocks the pip and thereby prevents any acid to leak out. It stopped the acid going up the stomach — up the food pipe — and causing indigestion!

They do ease the problem.

And as a bonus

  • Homemade cough medicine — lemons and honey! Hot water to dissolve the honey then add some lemon juice — the syrup is done ! It releases the cough and stops it from coming back! There is no scientific reason to why it works but it does
  • Eat fresh oily fish to benefit from the best fish oils! pills are god but nowhere as good as the fresh produce.
  • Add in some healthy nuts in your diet as well to get the minerals and vitamins you need !
  • There is no proof that shows that multivitamins helps and are needed for our vitamin and minerals intakes.
  • For skin problems- use benzoyl peroxide and salicon acid that exfoliate the top layer of the skin and has the effect to opening up the poors to allow the grease to flow, ie. lets the grease out. Don’t use these for many months — contact your GP to avoid scaring


The truth about your medicine .. science doctor Dr Chris Van Tulleken 101 BBC One West, a super TV serie! watch it if you can!

“Dr Chris Van Tulleken calls on the British public to seek out the truth about the top-selling over-the-counter medicines. We spend an astonishing £2.3 billion on pills, potions and lotions from the chemist’s shop every year to beat common ailments from headaches to colds to indigestion. But how much do we really know about what we’re buying? 

Chris embarks on a series of stunts and experiments up and down the country to uncover the secrets of Britain’s favourite medicines: how do they act in the body? Should you take a daily dose of vitamins? Is honey and lemon just as good as cough syrup? What’s the best way to relieve pain after exercise? And could home remedies work just as well? 

Chris finds out whether these common cures are all they’re cracked up to be or whether there are better ways to spend our hard-earned cash. .”

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