17 Best Home Workouts to Try Right Now

How to work out even when you are stressed and worried.

When I arrived in Stockholm in October 2020, my elderly mother was in hospital and not well at all.

I had hoped to help her to sort stuff out while I was there in her flat but it didn’t work out quite like that.

The only thing that kept me sane and hopeful and in good spirit was exercising. A little bit each day. Not to much so it would ‘scare’ me off, and not to little so I wouldn’t feel it at all. 

7 minutes to 15 minutes can create short but intensive changes,  small miracles – both in the body and mind! 

Never dismiss short workouts as you elevate your heart beat even for a minute and that’s super for your cardiovascular system!

Enjoy these short, fun, for all sizes and ages, workouts. And if you haven’t exercised for a while – all these are great to start with.

Just as an add on – Luckily some really good friends where in Stockholm to which helped a lot! Thank you. Xx

The most important of all is our health! 

If you want to access the videos direct on YouTube –  here is the link to the full playlist.

Much love to you where ever you’re in the world. ❤️

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Best HIIT Home Workout for Beginners done in Stockholm October 2020

Full Body Workout For Beginners | No Equipment

Full Easy Body HIIT, Stretches + Workout, For Beginners

Full Body Home HIIT - Stretch and Workout for Beginners

30 MIN BOOTY, ABS + FAT BURN - beginner+plus-size

14 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT // No Equipment

20-minute fat burning home workout for beginners

Ultimate HIIT Workout for People Who Get Bored Easily

15 min Stretch Exercises for Beginners & 7 Min HIIT Cardio

7 Minute Stretch Workout For Women

Ultimate Beginners HIIT Workout

14 Min HIIT Cardio for Strength and Core, plus Stretch Workout

Full Body Workout Beginners HIIT Workout

7 Minute Full Body Stretching Routine For Women Over 50!

7-Minute No-Equipment Cardio & HIIT Workout

7 MIN FULL BODY WORKOUT // No Equipment |

Best HIIT Home Workout for Beginnersrkout

Call me!

Please ASAP, Now!

My mother’s friend had called me three times yesterday and texted me some few times as well since yesterday evening. I had missed them all!

My 83 years old mummy in Stockholm is in Hospital and Jolanta, her best friend had tried to get hold of me for hours.

I had had my head down doing my sales funnel on my Mac 💻 – and hadn’t checked any messengers at all!

The electrician was coming at 10 am and I had a full day planned.

Quickly I cancelled everything and booked a flight -BA- to Stockholm- and once the confirmation email came I saw I had booked the ticket for tomorrow! 😮

When I get stressed my eyes and my mind sometimes goes ‘soggy’.

It was easy to change the ticket and thank god I used my Swedish passport as we – husband drove me- realised at the airport- only Swedes are allowed into the country without a doctors note saying one is free from COVID.

So here I’m at the airport but this time the travel was ten times more smooth than the last time I was in a similar situation, so many years ago. ❤️

That time I was only 16 almost 17 years old, and my ‘friend’ at the time couldn’t even be bothered to follow me to the Buss stop on Noirmoutier, an island in France, to get to the train in Nantes that I just missed 🚌🚝✈️ on top off all. Instead, she winged that she had to take my bike back to the rental and typically her to pick a friend who’s brother got injured. ❤️

I have forgiven her but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten what happened and what was said.

When I now think about that young me I feel such empathy and gratitude that I had Charles next to me today. If I could hug my younger self and say that all will not be like before but you will be ok. That would have helped a lot.

Back then the feeling of utter bewilderment, indescribable loss and sadness and mixed with a merry go around feeling of both my head and physical body was so profound.

Now- this time- I’m worried about my mother but I’m older and calmer and I have my ‘tools’ to keep me calm and focused.

I’m no longer on panic auto pilot which would clog my mind up – like when I 1st booked the ticket and mixed up the days.

The thing is to calm down, breath – in on 6 breath- hold 3 breaths and breath out on 6, I did my ‘incantations’ and meditation.

Whatever happens I have no power over the outcome. What is is.

Just knowing that I can’t do anything and the only power I have is over my thoughts and my feelings.

We have the choice to panic and go on auto pilot mode or we can stay calm and chose what we want to think and feel. Not making ourself into a robot and not swirl around in the depth of despair as I did so many years ago.

  • I can do this
  • I’m ok.
  • It’s going to be ok.

When our elderly parents are ill, it’s easy to panic and breath short shallow breaths and think all the worst thoughts and see the worst scenario in front of you

It’s easy to have no faith or hope in situations like this.

And so many suffer and struggle with mental wellness already with the COVID around. ( Now when I writing this 2nd Lockdown in the UK has arrived).

Add then illness in the family and it can be hard to digest and know how to cope.

Being afraid and scared and not knowing what the future hold, is always stressful.

Uncertainty in a challenging and changing world can make anyone reach for binge eating or overeating or any other drug.

To get relief from the stress and peace of mind. To obtain stillness inside. To numb what we really think and feel.

I wish I had known back then in 1979, what I know now.

There are coping strategies for most situations and I’m so grateful and feel such a gratitude that I have just written about just this- coping mechanism- in my free pdf!

I just read and sorted out years of notes to make this pdf about success in any form.

How to change your thoughts and get the life you want.

This might sound like a cheesy sales talk but it’s now for FREE – for you to get! ( Free Gifts on my website – coming soon! check out “The Secret to Success”) and it has saved my sanity so many times already over the last couple of months and years!

I’m so grateful that I did this summery right now and that I have this knowledge fresh in my mind to help me stay focused and calm right now.

My mother needs my best me and so does my family ❤️

I have just landed in Stockholm and I’m now looking for a taxi to take me to Östermalms torg and mummies flat.

Next step is the hospital.

Hopefully, they will let me in!


Been to see mummy. It’s forbidden to enter the hospital – but we, Jolanta and I, where able to see her.

Tomorrow is a new day and mummy can move and recognises me and Jolanta ❤️

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Start by doing something that makes you feel successful and full of joy.

Start positive and set the day!

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