14 Day Plan - Fab and Fit over 50 - Fitness Hints and Tips
the body coach 90 day sss plan free download

What’s Included:

Lose 4 – 8 kg in 14 days and keep it off.

Get rid of those stubborn kilos with this fast, effective and safe plan.

The all new 14 Day Plan has 14 recipes and 14 workouts. This plan will give you all the tools you need to transform your body and mind fast and become healthier and stronger both in body and mind- than you’ve ever been! You are in control of your weight from now on.

  • 7 days kick start strict diet recipes to boost your weight-loss into submission.
  • 7 exercises ( 5 exclusive workouts and 2 Detox exercises! )
  • Personal online support with me, Beatrice through our line chat.
  • A community accountability in the Private Facebook Group.
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Mind reset
  • Breathing Exercises
  • You deserve to fit into that dress!
  • You deserve to fit into those jeans!
  • You deserve to have enough energy to have fun with your family and friends.
  • But you need to take action Now!
  • All you need to do is to get started Now!

It’s Free for a short time only!

I will start charging for it soon.

It’s in google slides just now and I share all the info and knowledge for the 14 day Kick Start Diet Plan – all for FREE!

Once I have moved it over to a pdf and it’s with an all Designer looking presentation, I will charge for it!

But, for now, you will have all the info to get started on your Fat loss and Weight loss journey- direct now!

Click HERE and get your Free Gift Today!

It’s no catch and strings attached!



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